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Rating Mixers 2019-2020 TOP

Types of mixes

For applications, mixers are encouraged to:

Professional mixers are distinguished by their durability, which is sufficient for intensive work on the product.

For example, for a constant record of dozens of kilograms of a test text almost without interruption.

Household mixers are also installed, as well as "professional", but their capacity is less. The household appliance can be made from plastic.

Kitchen Aid 5KSM150PSE

KitchenAid 5KSM150PSE basta blenders och mixers


Having left such a device on your own kitchen, be sure that it will cope with any task. Planetary Mixing - One of the "chips" of this model. It is good at making a short text. For example, for dumplings or homemade noodles. The volumetric bowl says that the model is suitable for a large family.

Miksep looks very solid, with a metal case in the style of "American screw". Despite its impressive appearance, the device is low-noise. The manufacturer offers a range of color options for the mixer: a few one-piece options and three bright options: lower left, lower left.



Bosch MFQ 4080

A multifunctional mixer for everyday use.

The round shape of the case, smooth bends and lines of this model will not leave indifferent its owner. The Bosch MFQ 4080 mixer is quite lightweight, it is convenient and comfortable to hold in your hand.

This model easily copes with the following types of work:

It has 5 speeds, as well as a pulse mode, which allows you to immediately switch to maximum power. Speeds 1 and 2 should be used when it is necessary to add additional ingredients to the dough. Speeds 3,4,5 are ideally suited for kneading and whipping.

The pulse mode should be used for additional nozzles (blender, chopper) - a similar scheme is used in many models of mixers and food processors.

Thick dough mixing hooks are also made of stainless steel. They will help to make shortbread, yeast, bread dough, mix minced meat, cottage cheese, etc.

Stainless steel whisk is designed for kneading and whipping various ingredients - you can cook sauces, cream, whip sour cream, proteins, cream, make a dough of medium consistency.

With the help of metal balls, which are placed on the rods of the whisk, a better mixing of products occurs.