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Makita MAC700 Air Compressor Review

An air compressor is an indispensable tool for many professionals. Whether you are engaged in woodworking projects, garage work or construction chores, you ought to have an air device to carry out your tasks smoothly. However, having a top-rated air compressor is paramount to improving the performance of your projects. With a top quality product, you just count on winning projects in any industry. This is where the MAC700 compressor by Makita comes into the picture to help out. The following Makita MAC700 model review will let you know why this compressor is a must have for professionals.

Features of MAC700

The machine comes with a cast iron pump with a piston and big bore cylinder. Combined with greater stroke and bore, the machine allows you to deliver top class performance with quality compressed air. With a speed of about 1,720 RPM, you can finish off any major project quickly. The compressor includes exceptional features that reduce incidences of voltage drop and tripped breakers that may cause premature motor failure.

With a capability of 2 horsepower, the motor is highly durable to work uninterruptedly for a long time. This could be really handy for longer projects requiring time and peak performance. The pump of the machine is oil lubricated so that it functions smoothly without any issue.

The model is Eco-friendly in the sense it works quietly without creating much noise. Also, the tank weight is 52 pounds making it easy to carry as and when required. Crafted in a medium size, the machine makes a good fit for small as well as large workshops.


Like other compressors, the Makita MAC700 is durable enough to stand the testing of time. Whether you use the machine occasionally or on a daily basis, the device will perform effectively as required.

As far as speed is concerned, the machine has the capability to deliver optimal performance with a higher CFM performance of 90 PSI. Whether you need compressed air for intricate tasks or a major project, the compressor allows you to complete the job efficiently on time.

Makita is a well-known brand for offering a warranty on its products, and this holds true even in the case of MAC700. Any issue with the machine parts can be fixed and replaced as mentioned in the warranty.

The best thing about MAC700 is it is priced reasonably. As such, you don’t have to dent your wallet to own this top rated tool. By investing a modest amount, you can get this high-quality machine for carpentry, automobile or construction chores.

Bottom line

While you will find a range of compressors in the market, it is best to choose the machine that delivers quality performance in an efficient manner. A good air compressor such as Makita MAC700 can make a major difference between good performance and great performance in woodworking, automobile and construction sectors. These days, professionals that carry a high-quality one such as MAC700 register a huge success compared to others. So don’t be left aside in the competition. Use a cutting edge Makita compressor and stay abreast of times.